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                            Stone Crushing Machine

                            • Sand Making Machine
                            Sand Making Machine

                            Sand Making Machine

                            • Max Feeding size: 35-50 mm
                            • Power: 110-440 kw
                            • Capacity: 120-520 TPH
                            • Applied material: limestone, granite, quartz, pebble,iron ore, construction waste, etc
                            • Product description: VSI sand making machine is designed for highway, railway, high-rise construction, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing stations to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate,
                            • INQUIRY

                            sand making machine

                            Overview Introduction of Sand Making Machine:

                            sand making machine application

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 VSI sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) is a newly researched equipment with international advanced level. Advanced technology and modern processing equipment make it a leading role in this industry. VSI sand making machine is designed for highway, railway, high-rise construction, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing stations to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate, it is preferred device in artificial sand and stone field shaping industry.

                            VSI sand making machine is a general term for the mechanical equipment used for producing artificial sand. Sand making machine can crush and screen natural stone materials and gain sand different granularity that can be used in daily life, so that it can also be called sand crusher.

                            Technical Featuresof Sand Making Machine:

                            sand making machine structure
                            1. Advanced double-pump oil lubrication system guarantee shaft bearing lower temperature increase, longer life time, more reliable operation.
                            2. Main shaft is equipped with imported precision rolling bearing. It makes main shaft work stable, lengthen maintenance cycle, increases productivity.
                            3. Hydraulic lifting mechanism of upper cover can move away the cover easily, which saves man power during maintenance.
                            4. Over-vibration device is equipped. There will be alarm when vibration surpasses a stipulated figure. It will stop the machine, in order to protect it.
                            5. Special dust-proof design for main shaft bearing fully avoid dust entering bearing lubrication part, which make sure the machine work normally.
                            6. Special feed opening structure makes it possible that center feeding and ring feeding comes together, in order to meet requirement of different stones.

                            TECHNICAL PARAMETER of Sand Making Machine:






                            Capacity (t/h)

                            Center and Ring feeding

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 120-180

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 200-260


                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 450-520

                            Center feeding



                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 150-190

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 225-260

                            Max Feed Size


                            Soft material




                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 <50

                            Hard material



                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 <40


                            Rotation speed (r/min)

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 1700-1890

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 1520-1690



                            Power for double motor




                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 264-320

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 400-440

                            Overall Dimension

                            L*W*H (mm)





                            Weight (t)

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 7.5

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 10.5


                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 16

                            Vibrating Sensor

                            Inspect scope: 0.1-20mm/s adjusted continuously

                            Lubrication hydraulic pressure station

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 2*0.31 kW  (Power for double oil pump)

                            Power for oil box heater

                            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 2 kW

                            Main Case

                            sand making machine customer's case

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