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                            1. Welcome: ShangHai Shuosen Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd
                              Language: Chinese ∷  English
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                              Stone Crushing Machine

                              • Mobile Crushing Plant
                              Mobile Crushing Plant

                              Mobile Crushing Plant

                              • Max Feeding size: 150-425 mm
                              • Capacity: 50-220TPH
                              • Power:66-227Kw
                              • Applied material: granite, limestone, quartz, construction waste, concrete, coal , marble,river pebbles, etc
                              • Product description: Mobile crushing plant is suitable for onsite crushing operations and can be shifted to different locations,is widely used in the industries where relocation in frequent, like metallurgy, chemical, , h
                              • INQUIRY

                              mobile crusher

                              Application of mobile crushing plant:

                              mobile stone crusher application

                              Our mobile crushing plant is a new type of crushing equipment designed based on market demands and customers’ specification applications. It is reliable, efficient and energy saving. In addition, the crushing plant is flexible, maneuverable and mobile, so it is suitable for onsite crushing operations and can be shifted to different locations if needed, thus saving customers on material transportation costs and infrastructure, relocation costs. As result, our mobile crushing plant us widely used in the industries where relocation in frequent, like metallurgy, chemical, , highways, railways,building materials etc.

                              mobile stone crusher structure

                              Features of mobile crushing plant:

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 1. Our mobile crushing plant features all-in-one design which facilitates installation and reduces labor cost. The reasonable, compact layout results in greater flexibility.

                              2. High chassis and small body width, coupled with a small turning radius markets mobile crushing plant(coarse crushing)easier to drive on ordinary highways or rough roads.

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 3. The crushing plant can perform onsite crushing operations, eliminate the need for transporting materials before crushing. In addition, it allows crushed materials to be directly sent into the bed of the transfer truck.

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 4. Available in a wide range of configurations, it can not only accommodate to various crushing, screening applications, but also suit different materials.

                              Technical Parameters of Mobile Crushing plant


                              Max feeding size (mm)

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Power



                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 (t/h)

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Movable chassis

                              Transport dimension

                              (L*W*H)  (mm)

                              Power system

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 YDPE57


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 66

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 50-60

                              2 axles

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 10500*2300*4000

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Electricity or diesel generator set



                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 98.5


                              2 axles

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 10500*2450*4000

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Electricity or diesel generator set



                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 136


                              3 axles

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 15000*2800*4500

                              Electricity or diesel generator set





                              2 axles

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 11000*2400*4300

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Electricity or diesel generator set

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 YDPF1210


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 113


                              3 axles


                              Electricity or diesel generator set





                              3 axles


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Electricity or diesel generator set

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 YDPYB1200

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 150


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 80-100

                              3 axles

                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 13000*2800*4380

                              Electricity or diesel generator set



                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 227


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 3 axles


                              3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Electricity or diesel generator set

                              Classic Case

                              mobile stone crushing plant

                              stone portable crusher

                              moveable stone crushing plant

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