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            Industry new

            Crushing ratio is an important evaluation index of jaw crusher

            The crushing ratio of jaw crusher3d开机近10期数据家彩网 is the ratio of raw material granularity and product precision after crushing.It represents the reduction of raw material after crushing.After the ore is broken, the grain size becomes smaller. The ratio of the grain size before and after the ore is called the crushing ratio.It represents the multiple of grain size reduction after ore crushing.

            The calculation methods of crushing ratio are as follows:

            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 First, the maximum particle size method: the maximum particle size method before and after crushing is used to calculate the maximum particle size method.The materials before and after the crushing of the e - crusher are composed of a number of particle size of broken materials statistics.Only the average diameter can represent their true particle size, and this crushing ratio can truly reflect the degree of material crushing.At present, this calculation method is often used in the design, because the design of the maximum size of the feed to determine the width of the mouth of the jaw crusher.

            Second, the ratio of feed port width and discharge port width: with the ratio of effective feed port width and discharge port width of jaw crusher, some jaw crusher discharge particle size is not determined by the discharge port size.It is convenient to calculate the crushing ratio in this way, because it is impossible to screen large quantities of materials often in production.Using this method, as long as you know the width of the crusher feed port and discharge port, you can calculate the crushing ratio, timely understand the crushing unit load.

            3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Third, the average crushing ratio: calculated by the average particle size before and after the crushing of ore, also known as the average crushing ratio.Experts believe that the crushing ratio obtained by this method can truly reflect the degree of crushing, so it is often used in theoretical research.

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