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                              • Welcome: ShangHai Shuosen Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd
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                                Industry new

                                2019 Zambia produced about 667,000 tonnes of copper

                                Zambian daily mail December 12.The ZCM chairman said the mining sector had produced 667,173 tonnes of copper so far this year, down from 741,560 tonnes a year earlier.

                                3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Production was originally planned at 830-860,000 tonnes in 2019, but was revised to 760,000 tonnes in May this year.

                                3d开机近10期数据家彩网 Mining companies are struggling to operate at high costs because of high taxes, unconventional mining tax (MRT) algorithms and unreturned value added tax, he said, adding that inconsistencies in mining taxes in 2019 had led to production cuts and negative sentiment on investment.

                                About more copper ore mining equipment, please contact us.

                                CONTACT US

                                3d开机近10期数据家彩网Contact: Sunny


                                Tel: 86-


                                3d开机近10期数据家彩网Add: JinQiao Economic Development Zone Shanghai China

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