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                              • Welcome: ShangHai Shuosen Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd
                                Language: Chinese ∷  English
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                                ABOUT US

                                Shanghai Shuosen Mining Machine Co.,Ltd, it is one of the high-tech group company with the technology research of environmental engineering application , processing and manufacturing equipment .Our traditional business cover three modules: large and medium-sized stone crushing equipment series, powder grinding equipment series and ore beneficiation equipment series. New business mainly includes solid-waste comprehensive treatment and contaminated soil remediation field.

                                Shuosen has a history in processing and manufacturing large and medium-sized equipments over 30 years, and accumulates rich experience in technical research & design and equipment manufacturing in large and medium-sized stone crushing plant, ore beneficiation plant, solid waste treatment industry etc. At the same time, we pays great attention to the technical exchanges and cooperation with the excellent high-tech international corporation all over the world. And successively introduced the advanced management concept, technology, processing equipment from United States, Germany, Finland to improve the company's overall strength.

                                Over the years, Shanghai Shuosen insists on meeting the diversified demands of customers as the ultimate goal, relying on two powerful equipment manufacturing bases of Shanghai City and Hennan Province, continuously promoting technological innovation, updating configuration of advanced processing equipment, optimizing production technology, making strict quality testing standards, implementing total quality management (TQC), and ensuring to provide the most excellent products for customers all over the world.

                                Company took through the ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification, etc. And the products had continuously exported to more than 50 countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and so on.

                                Shanghai Shuosen welcome your visit anytime, and sincerely hope to cooperate with you !


                                CONTACT US

                                Contact: Sunny


                                Tel: 86-


                                Add: JinQiao Economic Development Zone Shanghai China

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